Essential oils for sensuality, sexuality & tantric massage

11 Mar 2018 | Huiles essentielles doTERRA

Essential oils have become a huge part of my everyday life since i discover & use doTERRA Essential oils

You can use the essential oils in a hot bath, in a diffuser in your bedroom, tantric massage place, on your skin as perfume, and in coconut oil as a massage oil and daily moisturiser.

Essential oils can take your sensual and sexual life to a whole new level of ecstasy.

In this post i share with you the top 6 oils that you can use on a daily basis + 4 ways to use it in your tantric massage session


I have a look here to have more informations about doTERRA essential oils


Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is known to elevate sexual energy and increase libido.

It is also a powerful aphrodisiac. I love the scent of this beautiful oil. Use Ylang Ylang in a diffuser in your bedroom, during your tantric massage session, or simply add a couple of drops to coconut oil and enjoy the aroma whilst massaging yourself, your lover or you client – if it is their desire.

Ylang Ylang is also great for the heart chakra and encourages playfulness, freedom and joy. You can use this oil on your heart chakra as a daily perfume and add it to your diffuser in your room to create a sensual and sexual space.


Geranium oil has a harmonising affect on the mind and emotions and is known to elevate happiness, love and trust. It’s a powerful oil to use during intimacy and sex because it harmonises the energy in the room and creates a beautiful space for sensuality, intimacy and deep connection.

Geranium Oil is for the heart Chakra and is great for self-love, emotional healing and forgiveness. This oil also promotes connection and grounding in our body and is great to help boost body confidence during sex.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage helps increase sexual desire by decreasing inhibitions, arousing emotions and boosting libido. If you’re looking for some creativity and spice in the bedroom, Clary Sage is perfect.

Clary Sage is also powerful in regulating and balancing hormones in women and great to use during menstruation to ease cramping and mood imbalances.

Blend with Lavender oil in a hot bath to create a sensual and relaxing pre-sex soak with your lover.

White Fir

White Fir is a grounding oil that is known as the oil for generational healing. This oil helps clear old beliefs that keep us stuck from moving forward as empowered sexual beings.

Mix this oil with Ylang Ylang and/or Wild Orange to create a beautiful and uplifting blend that will increase vitality, intimacy and libido.

Wild Orange

Wild Orange is fresh and uplifting and creates joy, abundance and flow! This oil is renowned for bringing a buzz to the sacral chakra to enhance abundance and creativity and move stagnant or stuck sexual energy. If you want to increase energy levels in the room and get the juices flowing I recommend adding a drop of this oil to your diffuser and noticing the subtle affect it has on the energy levels in the room.


Lavender reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation and sexual excitement. It is also the oil for communication, so using this will help increase ease around communication and expression of sexual needs and desires. This oil is renowned for creating a calming and safe space for lovers to enjoy deep intimacy and orgasmic states.

Blend Lavender with wild orange to create a beautiful vibe joyful, relaxed love-making.

What I love most about essential oils is that they are 100% natural and most of them are safe to use both externally, and internally. Plus they smell so damn good that they make my entire body and house smell super sensual and delicious.


Here’s 4 easy ways you can begin to use essential oils to boost your sex life and increase your sensuality:


1. Mix them with coconut oil & rub them on the chest

Every morning after your shower, mix up a special little batch of organic coconut oil with essential oils and rub them on your chest. Each day, choose essential oils that you feel drawn to, or feel you need. Lots of coconut oil brands leave you feeling super oily – my favourite brand is doTERRA’s fractionated coconut oil, it sinks in fast and is really silky on the skin.

My current favourite morning oil mix is clary sage + geranium.


2. Put oils in a diffuser

I use a diffuser every day, it can be in my home office, bedroom, living-room…

Diffusers are amazing because they run for hours and turn off automatically, so they’re really convenient.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite oils to a diffuser and let the smell of the oils linger in your home. This is a beautiful way to feel more sensual because the scent of the oils naturally arouses the senses.


3. Use oils for sensual massage, by yourself, with a lover or during a tantric massage

Massage are amazing, I love to massage my whole body with coconut oil before a hot bath to relax me and connect with my body. You can also use massage to connect with your lover. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to coconut oil and you’re ready to go!


4. Add oils to a hot bath

Run a hot bath, add essential oils –  about 5 drops – and a squirt of coconut oil, epsom salt and soak up the sexy goodness. Enjoying the sensation of hot water on your skin, combined with the scent of the oils, is bliss. This is a great way to connect with yourself sensually, or share the experience with a lover.


If you want to start exploring using essential oils to awaken more of your sensuality, sexuality & to use them during your tantric massage or to recommand it to your clients, send me an email and I can help get you started with them & have a look here more informations about this amazing therapeutic essential oils.

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